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    Our contractors are a fully insured, qualified and accredited in house foundation repairs servicing all of Melbourne, Victoria and its surrounding suburbs.

    We pride ourself in providing a high quality service. We understand the frustration of experiencing a damaged house foundation. The work could have possibly been avoided if the work was done properly to begin with. Therefore our contractors offer a guarantee on the work done to ensure that it lasts and the work that we do is quality.

    With years worth of expertise, experience a peace of mind knowing that your house is in safe hands by partnering with us!

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    Our Services

    underpinning services melbourne


    If your foundations are built on concrete stumps and experiencing sloping or unrevealing of your foundations then this falls under underpinning.

    underpinning contractors


    is needed when your existing house is built on wooden stumps not concrete stumps. Usually hous-es that are over 40 years old are built on wooden stumps. This service requires a changeover from wooden stumps to concrete stumps.


    Is another term for reblocking but is the same service.

    Why Choose Us?


    We Have A Qualified And Experienced Team

    Underpinners that are trained to deliver a high quality service.


    Fully Insured Contractors

    So you are coversed and do not have to worry if something unexpected happens.


    Our Contractors Are Qualified & Experienced

    All the necessary accreditations needed to operate and ensure good, solid workmanship in Melbourne, Victoria.


    Guaranteed For Years

    Rest in peace knowing that your foundation remains strong and stable even years after our work is complete.


    Friendly, Honest & Reliable

    Work with a company that cares about delivering an excellent service all around.


    Free Quote & Consultation

    No obligation FREE quote and consultation for you.

    underpinning melbourne

    From Our Customers

    “ You have helped us solve our foundation problems with ease and made the whole process conven-ient for me ”

    “ Great work. Not only did you finish the job on time but I did not even have to leave my house. Thanks for your service. “

    “ The team at Melbourne Reblocking are honest and professional. They have been great and helpful since day one. I definitely recommend them “

    “ Your attention to detail and professionalism is what stood out. If this much effort was done be-fore, then I wouldn’t have needed this repair, I’d be glad to recommend you guys!”


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    How Long Does House Restumping Take?

    The timeframe It takes to restump your house Restumping can be a great way to fix your foundations and strengthen  your home. But you may wonder how long house restumping can take? How long do you have to be out of your home for? There is no real short answer, as it...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is underpinning?

    Underpinning refers to levelling the current concrete foundations that your house is built on. If you are currently experiencing sloping than you are in need of underpinning services.

    Can you service country Victoria?

    We mostly service Melbourne & surrounding suburbs however on special occasions we can service Victoria.

    What makes us different?

    There are many underpinning companies that do not take care and due diligence to their clients work. We pride ourselves in doing the work as if it was our own house. We understand the importance of underpinning.   Some work would not be needed if the proper foundation was done properly at the start!

    What are evidence of having sloping or foundational house problems?

    Cracks in the walls, bad levelling, instability can really cause you to worry about the security of your family and can cause you to pull your hair out! These are some signs to look out for when your house may require underpinning.

    Once and for all we can fix your house foundation problems guaranteed to last a lifetime so it does not cost you more in the future.

    Are permits required ?

    Permits are essential for underpinning services to be done at your house. Our quotes include permit charges and we can look after the whole process for you if need be.

    How much does underpinning my house cost?

    Our charges and quotes are completely subjective on the damages on the house. There are many variables to consider when quoting for underpinning. To get an accurate estimate it would be best to contact us and we can complete an assessment on the current state of your foundations. The quote is completely FREE and there is no obligation for you to move forward with us. Compare apples to apples and get quotes and advice from multiple vendors for the best decision.

    Can you provide testimonials as references?

    Our contractors have countless testimonials and before and after images that showcase their quality of work. We can provide you with references so you are assured that you are partnering with a credible company who has a high standard. The last thing you want is to fast forward a few years and off you go again spending thousands of dollars on something that should have been done properly in the first place.

    Do you provide a workmanship guarantee?

    Yes most definitely!

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