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    We are a family owned Victorian business that have contractors with a lifetime worth of experience in reblocking, restumping, underpinning and general building foundation repairs. We service all of Melbourne & Surrounding Suburbs.

    We pride ourselves with providing high quality work that ensures a solid foundation that will last. If you are looking for a professional, honest and high quality team to work on your house or property then contact us for an obligation FREE quote and consultation.

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    refers to replacing the existing stumps of a property to concrete stumps. The existing stumps are usually made out of wood and have deteriorated and sunk into the ground causing the house to slant and experiencing negative side effects.


    is another word for reblocking but is exactly the same trade service.


    If you already have concrete stumps but they are currently sloping and un-levelled than you are in need of underpinning.

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    Receive a peace of mind knowing that the job done is guaranteed for the years to come. Thats how confident we are that we will delivery a quality job. – Experienced, Qualified & licenced!


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    Partner with contractors that are fully insured so you you are covered during any worse case scenario.


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    Experts that have been in the game for a long time to ensure that the job gets done efficiently no matter where you’re at!


    “The team at Melbourne Reblocking are honest and professional. They have been great and helpful since day one. I definitely recommend them.”
    “You have helped us solve our foundation problems with ease and made the whole process convenient for me.”
    “Great work. Not only did you finish the job on time but I did not even have to leave my house. Thanks for your service.”
    “Your attention to detail and professionalism is what stood out. If this much effort was done before, then I wouldn’t have needed this repair, I’d be glad to recommend you guys!”


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do you need restumping?

    There may be many reasons why you want to consider house restumping. Restumping or another term reblocking, involves resetting the stumps on homes that use a wooden stumps as foundations to concrete stumps which are a lot stronger and consequently more durable.

    Some reason for restumping  be due to the stumps having settled as a result of soil movement, or when the stumps have been exposed to too much moisture in the ground and subsequently rotted.

    Older homes should also be restumped to ensure that the foundation and floors are able to carry the load of the building effectively and that you avoid a situation where the stumps cause part of the building to collapse due to too much damage over time. House restumping is a big project to undertake, so it’s best left to a professional.

    If your house is over 30 years old its best to get inspected to see whether you have foundation problems which can lead to bigger problems in the future.

    What are symptoms of house foundation problems?

    If you find ongoing cracks in the walls, or uneven floors, it might be time to consider restumping your home. Other signs include exterior cracks on the brickwork of the building, or windows and doors that are no longer functioning correctly where they squeek or not closing properly.

    What are benefits of restumping?

    Restumping ensures your house is built on the new, strong and levelled foundations.:

    • You strengthen your house’s foundation
    • You avoid future damage by ensuring the floors are up to standard
    • You can flood-proof your house by raising the foundations
    • You can also enjoy cooler temperatures inside the home with raised floors

    When you restump your home, you might save money in terms of preventing future damage. You also enjoy psychological benefits such as peace of mind knowing that your house is safe and secure. Check out the following article by Sydney morning herald which outlines some Aussies paying a whopping $50,000 to fix foundation problems that that have been worsened over time. Visit

    There are a few different ways to restump your house, and it’s always best to start by getting an accurate and thorough assessment done by a professional.

    To find out more about our affordable house restumping services in Australia, call us or send an inquiry below.

    How expensive is restumping?

    Costs of restumping your house vary on different factors such as the deterioration of your stumps, the quantity of stumps required, accessibility to your sub floor and the scale of the damage.

    The best way of determining the cost and exactly how long it will take to restump  is by contacting us or even a civil engineer to assess the damaged done.


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