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    The timeframe It takes to restump your house

    Restumping can be a great way to fix your foundations and strengthen  your home. But you may wonder how long house restumping can take? How long do you have to be out of your home for? There is no real short answer, as it depends on many different factors. However, in general, house restumping can generally take around a week and times two weeks to complete.

    Sometimes it may not even be necessary to move out of the house while the work is taking place.

    It mainly depends on the extent of the damage, as well as the age of your house. Preventative maintenance is always a much better option than having to fix a collapsed building or a structure with a lot of damage to an extent where it will require a complete rebuild. That’s why a house assessment is often recommended by experts for houses over 30 + years.

    Another major factor that affects the time frame is the type of stumps that you use.

    2 Different stump options that affect the time it takes to restump your house

    There are a few house restumping options available and these include:

    • Rot-resistant timber stumps
    • Concrete stumps

    When using rot-resistant stumps, Victorian red gum is still very popular. They are often cheaper than concrete stumps, although they have a limited life expectancy. However, if you won’t be staying in the house for longer than 20 years, you will likely not be affected. The re-levelling may not be as accurate, as the timber stumps cannot be secured as firmly to the bearers as concrete stumps can. This is the cheaper option and usually takes quicker to switch.

    With concrete stumps, there are a few types available. The one with the most positive connection form is one with a poured concrete pad at the bottom, and a 10 mm diameter treaded rod at the top. These will protect against long term settlement. Concrete stumps are durable and will last indefinitely, unless you have an environment that is very damp. This is the option that we recommend and most foundation repair companies enforce nowadays. This can take a little longer as there is a bit more work to it, but nothing too excruciating. Definitely wellworth the wait.

    For more information about the different house restumping options, call us or send an inquiry below.

    Does your house need Restumping?

    If you are unsure whether restumping is required. Here are some of the symptoms. If you already have concrete stumps but are experiencing sloping you will need underpinning instead.

    Here are some signs of foundational problems:

    • Crooked windows and door frames
    • Cracks in the brickwork or plaster
    • A ‘trampoline’ effect in rooms
    • Decaying foundations underneath the house
    • Sloping floors

    If you work with a professional team the work will be guaranteed and they will know exactly what is required, the time frame. including obtaining the necessary permits and plans from the council.

    Additional tips

    You should make alternative living arrangements while work is underway if necessary on your home, and additional precautions should be taken; this includes draining any spa baths and water beds and removing or securing crystal ware and other fragile items.

    Depending on the size of the home, the cost can of course also vary; a one-bedroom apartment will be significantly cheaper to restump than a larger three-bedroom house. Always get multiple assessments first, before you go ahead with a project.

    If you are looking for restumping services in Melbourne & looking for an honest company to work with, contact us for an obligation free consultation!