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    Frequently asked questions

    When do I need reblocking?

    Reblocking (also known as restumping & relevelling) is the process of replacing old timber stumps with new, durable concrete stumps. Reblocking can be carried out on houses of any construction type , whether it be weatherboard or brick veneer. Timber stumps typically need replacing after 40 years as they deteriorate and move due to age, soil, moisture and drought conditions.

    Do I have to organize any plans, permits or inspections?

    No, as part of our service, Melbourne Reblocking will coordinate the production of any building plans if necessary, work permits and the final building inspection.

    How long will reblocking take? How much will it cost?

    The best way of determining the cost and timing of rectifying your sub floor issues is by contacting us to come to your site. Upon careful inspection, we will provide you with a free quote and an estimation of the time required.

    Why is it important that my reblocker is a member of the HIA and a registered builder?

    The HIA is the Housing Industry Association of Australia. As members, our work is monitored and assessed by the association to ensure that is carried out to industry standards, complies with building codes and that we conduct our work to a professional level. In addition, as registered builders, the team at Lamtsi Reblocking has had building industry education and are qualified to carry out professional building works on a domestic scale.

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