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    When it comes to restumping a home, you have various choices in terms of the type of stumps you want to use. Your home’s foundations may not be as strong anymore, and this can lead to cracked walls, uneven floors, uneven walls, and doors or windows that don’t fit perfectly in their frames anymore. This is when you’ll need to consider restumping your home.

    What is Restumping a Home?

    House restumping, or re-blocking, is the process of repairing or replacing the existing wooden stumps that your foundations use. This may be necessary due to damaged or rotten wood over time, or simply foundations that are too old.

    Your home’s foundation can be made from wooden or concrete stumps, although concrete is becoming the popular choice for modern home owners.

    Using Wooden Stumps

    Wooden stumps used to be the method of choice in older homes. This is likely because timber was readily available, strong at the time, and easy to work with. However, as time goes by, it is not the most reliable option anymore, and timber stumps can damage or rot easier than other stumps, such as concrete.

    Wooden stumps are still being used today, specifically where home owners feel it suits the design and feel of the home, although many are switching over to concrete stumps.

    Benefits of Concrete Stumps

    When restumping a home in melbourne, more and more home owners are choosing concrete stumps. Concrete is much stronger than timber stumps, and it allows for a very strong and durable foundation for your home. Also, concrete is much better with weather conditions and environmental changes, which is why they are so popular for restumping.

    Whether you choose concrete or wooden stumps, it’s important that you work with a professional team that specialises in restumping a home. It’s an important process that can be challenging and even dangerous if not done right.

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