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    About Us

    About Us |

    Foundation Contractors are building contractors that are partnered with industry experts with over 17 Years experience in building foundation repairs who service all around Melbourne, Victoria. Our builders operate with all the necessary licence, and insurance to give you a peace of mind. We are a family owned business and pride ourself in providing a reputable , honest service putting a high quality job at its forefront. The work and quotes are FREE of charge and rest assured you will be in safe hands with our experts trained to give fair advice. Our contractors have extensive knowledge of building codes and standards and have completed their degree in building education. Having helped several houses gain back the lost charm, our contractors have what it takes to bring yours back to life headache free. Our team of experts are friendly and supportive throughout the whole process.

    Do I Need Re-blocking?

    The procedure of having your house re-blocked resets the level of your floor ensuring a secure foundation for the safety and future growth of your home. Having your house sub-floor examined is the first priority before making any renovations, alternations or additions to your home. Early warning signs that your house may need re-blocking are doors and windows not closing properly, cracks in plaster and uneven or sloping floors. It is always wise to take advice from experts to reassure if the problem that persists needs immediate attention, for a delay could worsen the condition further.

    Our Expertise

    We understand that you might have bitter experiences of dealing with unreliable reblockers in your recent past. We also empathize the state of you not being able to regain the trust on another contractor easily. While you show the generosity of relying on us for services of house reblocking Melbourne, we assure you that you will continue to trust us for the coming years for the quality we deliver. We can rectify and advice on problems left by previous subcontractors whether it be in relation to subfloor, re-blocking, re-levelling or under-pining repairs.

    House Foundation Repair Service You Can Trust

    You will not have to worry a bit about the reliability factor when it comes to foundation repair services as our contractors  are registered builders and HIA members and have full insurance. With excessive knowledge and industry know-how, they have gained the ability to understand soil and footing requirements and have also equipped ourselves with techniques of using up-to-date technology. Our house foundation repair services in Melbourne could fix any sever issues with deteriorating quality of your house, enabling your valuable asset to stand strong for years to come.

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