What is house reblocking?

Reblocking (also known as restumping & relevelling) is the process of replacing old timber stumps with new, durable concrete stumps. Reblocking can be carried out on houses of any construction type , whether it be weatherboard or brick veneer. Timber stumps typically need replacing after 40 years as they deteriorate and move due to age, soil, moisture and drought conditions.

Why do I need my house reblocked?

The procedure of having your house reblocked resets the level of your floor ensuring a secure foundation for the safety and future growth of your home.

Having your house sub-floor examined is the first priority before making any renovations, alternations or additions to your home.

Early warning signs that your house may need reblocking are doors and windows not closing properly, cracks in plaster and uneven or sloping floors.

How expensive is reblocking?

The best way of determining the cost of rectifying your sub floor issues is by contacting us to organize a free site visit and quote.

Costs vary depending on the amount of deterioration to your stumps, the quantity of stumps required, accessibility to your sub floor and the scale of the damage.

Upon careful inspection of your home, we will provide you with a detailed quote and in many cases outline the various options available to you in terms of cost and process.

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