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Melbourne Restumping Experts

We are a family owned Victorian business that have contractors with a lifetime worth of experience in reblocking, restumping, underpinning and general building foundation repairs. We service all of Melbourne & Surrounding Suburbs.

We pride ourselves with providing high quality work that ensures a solid foundation that will last. If you are looking for a professional, honest and high quality team to work on your house or property then contact us for an obligation FREE quote and consultation.

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refers to replacing the existing stumps of a property to concrete stumps. The existing stumps are usually made out of wood and have deteriorated and sunk into the ground causing the house to slant and experiencing negative side effects.


is another word for reblocking but is exactly the same trade service.


If you already have concrete stumps but they are currently sloping and un-levelled than you are in need of underpinning.

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We Guarantee our work

Thats how confident we are that we will delivery a quality job. – Experienced, Qualified & licenced


We are fully insured

so you have the peace of mind that you are covered during the worse case scenario.


Easy & smooth process

for you as we work efficiently and look after all permits required.

From Our Customers

“The team at Melbourne Reblocking are honest and professional. They have been great and helpful since day one. I definitely recommend them.”
“You have helped us solve our foundation problems with ease and made the whole process convenient for me.”
“Great work. Not only did you finish the job on time but I did not even have to leave my house. Thanks for your service.”
“Your attention to detail and professionalism is what stood out. If this much effort was done before, then I wouldn’t have needed this repair, I’d be glad to recommend you guys!”


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The Importance of Underpinning Your Home

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reblocking?

Reblocking Or Restumping refers to replacing the existing stumps of a property to concrete stumps. The existing stumps are usually made out of wood and have deteriorated and sunk into the ground causing the house to slant.

Leaving this problem will lead to greater problems in the long run not only to the property but also to the household.

If you have concrete foundations but are currently experiencing sloping than you are in need of Underpinning services. For more information visit our blog on the difference between reblocking, restumping and underpinning.

How do i know if my house needs reblocking/restumping?

Look around for signs such as the following:

  • Door frames slanted
  • Cracking brickwork
  • Doors that dont open and close properly
  • Floors unlevelled or sloping
  • Unlevelled or sloping balconies
  • Decay that is visible and deterioration of the properties foundations through signs such as gaps and cracks in the plasterwork.
  • It is recommended to get your house inspected for problems if its over 40 years old.

If you are still unsure , contact us and we will be glad to give you an assessment.

How long does reblocking take?

It varies from property to property depending on size and condition. But on average most projects are finished within 5-7 days time.

Do I have to be out of the house for the services to be performed?

In most cases no. However if floorboards need to be removed then its better to. Floorboards need to be removed when there is not enough space to work from the bottom of the house to the the ground.

Will there be any damages to my house after reblocking?

There maybe some cracking in the plaster works once the house is correctly levelled due to movement.

Are your quotes free?


Where do you service?

Melbourne and all of Victoria.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes we do. Our guarantees are up to 15 years +

How much does reblocking cost?

This very subjective on a variety of different factors such as the current condition, accessibility and so on. If you are serious about relevelling your house its better you contact us for a free on site assessment.

Why Us? Excellent workmanship at a fair price

With years of experience, Melbourne Reblocking has gained the utmost loyalty of customers through immaculate services. Our contractors are registered builders, HIA members, adhere to JSA (Job Safety Analysis) plans and are fully insured for domestic works.

May it be an old house that needs the assistance of reblockers in Melbourne, or a place that has been weakening due to external forces, all of these will be attended to accordingly by the team of experts at Reblocking Melbourne. We strive to build foundation that lasts a lifetime!

Highly Skilled Reblockers in Melbourne

We understand that a house is a dear possession for its owner, as such we handle it with utmost care, causing no harm but only aiming improvisations.

With excessive experience and good will we also have gained the know-how of supplying building plans and facilitating work permits for our services. Upon final completion of the work, we arrange for a final building inspection.

We keep our work area clean and safe and remove all self-generated rubbish, for what we present to you is what will gain us goodwill.

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